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Giving Wings to the Innovation for Tomorrow With Sponsorships & Support, Today

In our nearly 25+ years of operations, we have observed that R&D processes can yield optimal results. But the generation-defining ideas are often a result of creative and collaborative approaches, which can be outside the bounds of the marketplace. Such ideas can emerge in brainstorming sessions, while solving critical problems, or while studying in an academic setting. With the aim to empower the innovators and problem-solvers of tomorrow, the PCB Power team has designed a sponsorship and support program. Our aim is to give you access to state-of-the-art equipment & technology, alongside invaluable mentoring, without making you worry about the economic resources for procuring these.

We are looking for disruptors, and as far as you fit into the following criteria, our team would be eager to get in touch with you and evaluate a sponsorship potential:

  • You are a current student or a designated researcher (professor or a Ph.D. student) in a recognized academic institution.
  • You are seeking certain equipment for a well-defined project or problem-statement with a well-defined requirement in terms of quantities and features.
  • Procuring such equipment directly from the marketplace will put severe economic constraints on your project and might be practically impossible to achieve.
  • You will be using the project for a demonstrable outcome that serves in a competitive setting or directly for your academic progress.
  • You are comfortable in sharing the details of the project as it progresses and agree to use PCB Power brand elements in clearly defined terms. We are not expecting technology transfer or transfer of intellectual property rights. Our team would simply examine your progress and supply you with any necessary advisory to help you expedite the development.

We request you to fill the following form, designate a point of contact, and wait for 7 business days to let someone from our team respond to your request.

Powering Your Dreams

PCB Power has backed some of the most ambitious projects in India with its:

  • 25+ Years of Excellence in the Global Electronics Components Space.
  • Solutions & Services that Match Global Standards.
  • Expertise Spanning Over Research & Development, Aerospace, Defence, Students, Hobbyists, Energy & Utilities, Educational Institutes, Automotive Electronics, Industrial Electronics, Railways, Tests, Measurements & Metering, Medical, IoT, Consumer Electronics, Trading, Lighting, and Telecommunication.

The Technology that Empowers the Best Minds in India.

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