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PCB Fabrication(Flexible)

Flexible Printed Circuit Boards

Get the finest range of flexible printed circuit boards at PCB Power India designed for your product's success. Our circuit boards are built by arranging printed circuitry and components over a flexible base material that may include a flexible coverlay if the customer so intends.

To build efficient and workable PCBs for your products, get in touch with us in India or call us at 7600012414.

Flexible PCBs: Applications

Our flexible PCBs can be leveraged in all modern technologies and electronic equipment that may even have high-end complex components. A few modern portable electronic equipment that uses flexible circuits in their manufacturing are laptops, mobiles, hard disk drives, and desktop printers.

Here are some other industries that have applications for flexible circuits:

  • Consumer Electronics
  • Communications equipment
  • Automotive Industry
  • Aerospace
  • Medical equipment
  • Military & Aviation
  • Transportation

All the industries mentioned above have extensive usage of flexible circuits due to their ability to improve movement and vibration resistance.

Our teams are highly capable of fulfilling your PCB orders within 3 working days or less. Get an instant quotation, or call us at 7600012414 to place your order and turn your concepts into reality with our flexible printed circuit boards.

PCB Power Capabilities for Flexible Circuits:

Double-Sided Flexible PCBs:

We leverage cutting-edge technology to design the best single or double-sided circuit boards with any complex configurations. Our teams have the right experience and knowledge to design complex single-sided or double-sided flexible PCBs with innovative and robust layouts. That is why we consistently push our limits to create extraordinary and highly performing PCBs for all our customers.

Benefits and Demerits of Flexible PCBs

Flexible PCBs are different from traditional cabling and rigid boards and have their own pros and cons.

Benefits of Flexible PCBs:

  • Elimination of several connectors
  • Substantial reduction in wiring errors
  • Design flexibility
  • Improved signal integrity.
  • Higher operating temperature range
  • Improved circuit integrity
  • Substantial improvement in impedance control & reliability
  • Substantial reduction in size and weight

Demerits of Flexible PCBs:

  • Prices are higher in comparison to conventional rigid PCBs.
  • Have a few limitations in low-temperature operations.
  • Assembling the circuit is more difficult and complex and might require additional support.
  • Improper handling of the circuit board might lead to damage and scratches.
  • Difficult in repairing damaged flexible circuits.
  • Proper storage conditions must be met (using plastic without sulfur)

PCB Power India is the right choice for your custom Flexible Printed Circuit Boards as we ensure the highest quality of PCBs at market-competitive prices. Drop your PCB requirements to get a quotation here!

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